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If your company is having issues regarding to business workflow and Human resource management , we will participate for understanding from the business model and resource utilization. Our goal is to streamline your workflow through re-defining roadmap, providing tools and suggesting new practices in implementing process improvement initiatives. Furthermore, we may enables all your works to visualize, automatically collaborate and shared. It helps your teams to concentrate on working together to achieve faster and getting results more efficiently.

 Our tasks includes:

  • Definitions, concepts and roadmap of process improvement and reengineering

  • Identification of core processes and process stakeholders

  • Re-define workflow

  • Process improvement tools and techniques; process redesign templates

  • Change execution: solicit buy-in and consensus building, handle change resistance

  • Human resource planning

  • Staff recruitment and training

  • Digital transformation for particular workflow

  • Sales process re-engineering, template and reporting tools management

  • Create knowledge management culture and collaborative working environment formation


We use the 5 stages approach for business consulting workflow management 

Untitled design (1).png

We adopt the above business methodology model for project control and process.  

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